This Cat Looks Like A Bobcat

Carol Ann Brewer, founder of the breed, does not admit there is no verifiable proof that the legend is true ; the Pixie Bobcat is the result of the natural-occurring matings of the American Bobcat and the feral or barn cat. Though the origin is a mystery, the evidence definitely points to this theory.

This cat looks like a bobcat in many ways. It has a strong, muscular body with a wooly coat that stands up from the body, and a spotting pattern that is light  tan to rufus in color. They have a medium-wide, inverted pear-shaped face and lynx-tipped ears. The tail is short, around 2 inches long, and set low.

This is only one of the few breeds that allows polydact toes in its standards with a maximum of seven toes.

The Pixie Bobcat is very smart, curious, and playful and will form a strong bond with it`s family. They usually get along well with children and other pets. They can be leash-trained and love to go on walks. Though they meow occasionally, they have a number of chirps an twitters they make to communicate with each other.

The founder, Carol, found a “Legend Cat” in a newspaper ad. After the kitten grew up, it mated with a neighbors cat, another “Legend Cat.” The litter had a female kitten that Carol named “Pixie” and this cat became the foundation of the breed. This breed was accepted by TICA`s “new breed and color” in 1995 and for championship status in 1997. Brewer contends that “Legend Cats” are the result of a Bobcat and a feral or barn cat.

There is also a “For The Love Of Pixie” (FTLOP) organization that requires at least one “Blue list” cat, which is a cat with lineage directly traceable to the original Pixie, to be present for the breeder to join.

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