Wacky New Pet Products

Charlie Sheen is reported to want one million dollars for his “Duh, Winning” catch phrase that has “caught” like a wildfire, to be imprinted on doggie t-shirts. There are all types of pet products and supplies that you can purchase until your heart’s content.

What about a “California Gurls” outfit like Katy Perry? A canine outfit complete with cupcake bra, blue wig and sunglasses is just one celebrity look that Animal Planet will be releasing shortly in its first clothing line for pets; other options include Jurassic-age monsters like the stegosaurus and the raptor.

There is also a new type of doggie drink called Pooch Pop. It is a type of actual soda for your canine friend. (But actually it is just bottled and colored Australian spring water). To order, visit petpop.com.au.

To go with your Pooch Pop, Living Pet Products has developed Barkster treats that resemble air-puffed crunchy chips for humans. They come in nine flavors, including alfalfa and chicken and sweet potato and beef. To order, visit lovingpetsproducts.com.

The new “Security Blanket” is a wonderful idea created with your pet in mind. You can fill it with old socks or maybe old clothes that have your scent, and when your precious pooch is home alone, he or she will not have separation anxiety. Visit your local Petco or petco.com.

There is also a new type of pet whose popularity is steadily increasing: the jellyfish. They are being specially bred in San Francisco and come in a circular aquarium with a specially designed water flow so that the jellies keep floating and appear to change color according to the programmable color-changing LED lighting. The sealed tank serves a dual purpose: It also offers excellent entertainment for cats. To order, visit jellyfishart.com.

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