Animals Deemed ‘Legal To Own’ In Pennsylvania

People not only have cats and dogs, but also hamsters, goldfish and wolves. What? Pennsylvania is one state where owning a wolf is perfectly legal. The state is actually quite slack on the owning of unusual/exotic animals. Among these legal animals are the Kinkajou and the Serval.

Be aware that owning an animal like this is by no means, cheap! Just to purchase the ” pet” will cost you a huge amount, usually starting at $500 up to thousands of dollars.

Then, there is the matter of giving this pet the best possible care and you just can`t take your kinkajou to your regular vet. You will need to find a vet schooled in the animal you choose so it is suggested to do your research on the animal and find a reputable vet beforehand.

All these animals have their own unique little quirks and can normally be trained, but you must be educated on whatever animal you choose. These are the laws for Pennsylvania as of right now so be aware, laws are continually changing so stay up-to-date- on all pet laws.  as per ””

Here`s a few of the most popular unusual animals; Pigs, they are considered the fourth smartest animal in the world. They love attention and will act out of they don`t get their share, but they are lovable creatures that are much more trainable than dogs even though they do tend to be quite sensitive. Pot-bellied pigs at maturity will weigh around 130 pounds and I can`t stress enough how strong their bond is with their family!

There`s the skunk, which has a bad rap because of their spray/ smell, but they can be descented, litter box trained and are actually quite docile animals. They also have one of the most varied diets of all pets, which is very expensive as you must provide the proper diet for him. They are very curious and their only downside is if they are not nurtured, loved and handled daily, they can become aggressive.

Then there is the Sugar Glider, which is considered exotic and only legal with a permit from the Pennsylvania Wildlife Commission and yes, this animal can ‘glide’ up to 150 meters. Take this into consideration as you will need to provide the right environment for this and all these animals, so they may thrive and be 100% healthy.

Rounding up the list is the Prairie Dog, which was banned in 2003, but became legal again in 2008. They do not make good pets as their very territorial instinct( to protect their family) can lead to attacks on guests and lastly, Wolves, Coyotes, and Foxes. For these animals you need an exotic animal permit from the PAWC and do require a great deal more attention that the average dog. It should also be mentioned that all these animals should be purchased through reputable breeders/dealers, as these domesticated animals and the actual wild animal are two totally different animals. You should never, ever, take an animal from the wild!

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  1. Josh says:

    I read that servals are not legal! Can u tell me if they r or aren’t?

  2. Emily says:

    You’ve got this all wrong… most possibly all those animals are illeagle! go to to select your state or for pennslyviannia. feel free to ask me any specifics (comment tell me state,animal, and if willing to buy permits)

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