How To Keep Fleas Off Without Using Chemicals; The Natural Way!

Many pet owners are trying to find natural ways to keep fleas away from their pet. The best approach is to treat the yard first, then the pet, house and you too! Most popular products are full of pesticides and insecticides and they have a wide range of warnings, for example, not letting the product absorb in your or your pet`s skin.

Dee-Jo of Dee-Jo`s More Than Pet Supplies, stated “I believe in good nutrition for your pet. Parasites won`t live on a clean and healthy coat. We use shampoos with yucca; it breaks down the shell of the flea. I spray my dogs` legs with a yucca spray and none of them brought fleas into the house.”

She carries many different products like Earthbath, a natural remedy for itch and hot spots. The product Four Paws, has garlic and brewers yeast and she says to start with a small amount and increase gradually because it can cause gas in your pet until they get used to it.

Feasts for Beasts, Tina Roeckel, stated it makes dogs ” less tasty to fleas. There is unfortunately not enough out there to combat fleas and ticks naturally. Our owner believes in a flea comb on a daily basis.”  as per “”

The Agway garden department manager, Ken Herr, stated “I can take care of the garden naturally. The best is St. Gabriel Organics. It`s a repellent, it`s organic, with a hose end application and contains all different oils, like garlic.”

They have natural deflea and bedding products for your pet as well. The company, O`Kula uses rosemary oil as a repellent for ticks at: There is also the ‘Don`t Bite Me Patch’ for children and it lasts for 36 hours at:

When you shop for laundry detergent, soap, lotions, and shampoos, look for ‘lavender scented’ as this plant also repels fleas and ticks. You can put some lavender in the cuff of your pants before going outside to help keep bugs off! You can also put baking soda on your carpet and leave it down for several minutes before vacuuming up as baking soda kills fleas.

keep fleas off naturally Bucovina Sheepdog How To Keep Fleas Off Without Using Chemicals; The Natural Way!

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