Want To Make Your Gerbil Happy? Here`s 20 Ways!

Gerbils are wonderful pets that are so much fun to watch and interact with. Here`s the top 20 ways to keep your Gerbil a happy, healthy critter! First is to give them a high-quality Gerbil- mix food. You can substitute Hamster food if Gerbil food is not available. Add some bird seed to the mix.

#2 is  water so make sure they have fresh, clean water daily.

#3 is to give them lots of cardboard to chew on. It satisfies their natural habit of tearing stuff to shreds and it stimulates them physically and mentally.

#4 is have enough substrate for them to dig through. They must make tunnels as they dig and live underground in the wild.

#5 is vet care. Make sure you have a vet schooled on Gerbil care.

#6 is they need wood to chew on because their teeth are always growing so gnawing on wood is the natural way to keep their teeth filed down.

#7 is to give them rocks because they will lay down on them to stay cool. This is great for the scorching summer.

#8 is give them sand to play in. They need to ‘sand bathe’ to rid their coat of grease and Aragnite sand is thought to be the best.

#9 is only give a plastic toy while you are watching them as plastic is  toxic to them if swallowed.

#10 is to give them plain old tissue paper. They love to tear it up and it is soft and comfy.

#11 is don`t ever pick a Gerbil up by the tip of his tail as they are able to lose their tail in the wild, if they are caught by a predator and it won`t grow back! It is better to scoop them up in your hands. as per www.articlealley.com

#12 is to teach them to get used to your hand and handle them daily, if possible. Only hand-feed them once in a while so they don`t associate your hands with food.

#13 is don`t use quick movements or be rough with your Gerbil. They are naturally shy, timid creatures.

#14 is that it is better to keep them is an aquarium tank than a cage. You can put more substrate in the tank which will allow for more digging/tunneling. It is also safer than a  wire cage.

#15 is to bury treats in the substrate for them to find as this helps their wild foraging instinct.

#16 is don`t give them too many fruits as it can cause health problems.

#17 is to always buy Gerbils in pairs as they are social creatures and it is recommended to get pairs from the same litter. When introducing a new Gerbil, use a split tank and research this method thoroughly before buying your new Gerbil.

#18 is you must provide lots of toys, rocks, tubes, sticks, boxes and cardboard for your Gerbil as they are very active and extremely curious creatures.

#19 is that they only need water to drink, not to bathe in as they bathe in sand.

#20 is that because Gerbils have long tails, they need an exercise wheel big enough so that their tail does not get caught in the gaps in the wheel. You can also use an exercise ball but use a clear one rather than a colored one. For more info, you can visit: www.gerbilgoods.com

20 ways to make your gerbil happy Want To Make Your Gerbil Happy? Here`s 20 Ways!

Image source  en.wikipedia.org  used with permission

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