Here`s A Great Homemade Cat Food Recipe

If you are planning on feeding your cat a homemade diet, here are some facts you need to know; cats need more protein than dogs, so their diet should be protein-based. If it is prepared right, homemade cat food is better than any commercial cat food on the market.

They also love to eat fresh meat and will eat most any food if it smells like something they really love, for example, rice that smells like sardines or tuna, will be gobbled up in no time. Center your cat food`s ingredients on Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E, Psyllium, Organic Organ Meat and Salmon Oil.

Cooked meat is healthier for your cat than raw meat, but you can feed your cat either diet, which is still more healthy than  any commercial food out there. If your cat eats raw pork, onions or eggs however, it could cause him to become sick or cause  an illness, especially in large amounts so steer clear of these foods.

Think about what your cat likes best when preparing his food. Does he prefer fish and chicken or beef and liver? The Balanced Cat Food Meal will contain; a whole chicken, 200 g. chicken liver, 400 g. chicken heart, 2 cups water, 4000 g. Salmon Oil, 800 IU Vitamin E, 4 teaspoons Psyllium, 200 mg. Vitamin B-Complex, 4 capsules gland supplement.

Tools you will need include; a grinder, spoon, sharp knife, mixing bowls and a glass jar/container with lid for storage. Use the knife to cut the meat from the bones. Get thinner bones and put in bowl. Cube the meat into small pieces and put in another bowl and set in refrigerator. Put organ meats in this bowl as well.

In another bowl, put the two cups of  water and add the rest of the ingredients, one by one, with the Psyllium being last. Stir thoroughly after adding each ingredient. When the mixture is ready, put the two bowls in the refrigerator. Put bones and  organ meat in the grinder and grind into small bits.

Place these ground bits in a bowl and add the meat and the other mixture in the frig to the mix. Stir well. Serve to your cat and store in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Let the food get to room temperature before serving. You can substitute turkey or rabbit for the chicken. After around 30 minutes, clean the cat`s bowl and throw away any leftovers as raw meat will attract bacteria and germs if left in their bowl too long. For more info, you can visit:

a great homemade cat food recipe Here`s A Great Homemade Cat Food Recipe


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