Some Great Homemade Foods/Treats For Your Parrot

The first food recipe is;

Rice and Veggie Mix; Cook 1 cup of brown rice and add veggies like peas, corn and carrots, plus a hard-boiled egg, finely chopped.

Next is French Birdy Bread; Make French toast by dipping bread in the egg mixture. Add hulled seeds to the egg covered bread and cook like normal French toast. An egg substitute is healthier for your bird.

The next recipe is; Polly-Cakes; make normal pancakes and add hulled seeds to the pancake and cook normally.

Then there is Parrot Pizza; Use a normal pizza crust, bake the crust and let it cool. Spread peanut butter, low fat, on the crust and add seeds, nuts and chopped greens. You can substitute whole grain toast for the pizza crust.

Next is the Cherrio Necklace; String a bunch of Cherrios onto a piece of wire. Twist the ends together to make a loop. Slather peanut butter on the Cherrios then dip the ring into some seeds. Hang it Up for the birds.

Then there is Peanut Butter Breakfast Balls; Mix peanut butter, reduced fat, and Grape-nuts cereal. Roll into balls. You can substitute the cereal with your bird`s favorite kind, crushed. You can also add seeds to the mixture.  as per

Next are Pine-Nutty Cones; Take a pine cone and wash it thoroughly.  Put in the sun to dry. Put a thick layer of peanut butter, low fat, all over the pine cone. On a sheet of wax paper, spread seeds and crushed cereal out and roll the pine cone in it until thoroughly coated.

Then there is Popcorn Cakes; You can get popcorn cakes at most wellness/health stores and they look like rice cakes. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter, low fat, on the cake. Add seeds, fruits and /or diced veggies to the peanut butter.

Last is; Fruit and Vegetable Kabob, Take some pieces of veggies and fruits and poke  a hole in them. Thread a piece of untreated rawhide through the fruits and veggies to make a kabob.

some great homemade foodstreats for your parrot Some Great Homemade Foods/Treats For Your Parrot

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