Can You Tell If Your Parakeet Is Sick? Illness Signs!

If you have a Parakeet, you should know how to tell if they are sick. Catching sickness in your bird at it`s onset is crucial to keeping your bird from developing something that is fatal! The great thing about Parakeets is that they are very sturdy birds that don`t get sick very often.

The Budgie Parakeet is the most resistant to illness, but you will still need an avian vet for your bird because when you first see any signs that your bird is sick, you can call him immediately! This is because most of the time these tiny birds get sick, instantly, and you will not see it coming, but once sick, the signs are very visible.

The very first sign is the bird does not engage in his normal, everyday activities, like playing with his toys. Keep in mind that even the most tamed Parakeets will not just let people catch them, with no problem, but a sick bird will not try to get away or fly around. He feels too bad to care!  as per

Another way to tell your Parakeet is sick is that he will look all fluffed-up, his feathers won`t look smooth and lay down flat, but will be puffed-up. He will also keep his eyes shut and his head will more than likely be stuck into his feathers. You should NOT dismiss these sickness signs as there is something seriously wrong going on!

Another thing that will happen is he will not eat, he may sit and look at his food bowl, trying to decide what to pick or could even throw up. You can tell because all around his beak will be dirty.

You will also need to tell the vet exactly what the bird`s droppings look like. Many times, the bird`s wings will just be hanging and his whole body will be trembling. He may be breathing heavily with his beak wide open. When in pain, he will stand with his legs extensively spread and beak open, hoping to get air.

He will have trouble keeping his balance on the perch as well. Other obvious signs are; feathers falling out in large quantities; unusual swellings on it`s entire body; scabs or changes in body mass. For some great bird treats, check out:

220px Brotogeris jugularis  UCV  Maracay  Venezuela 8 Can You Tell If Your Parakeet Is Sick? Illness Signs!

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