Your Leopard Gecko & How To Tell If He`s Sick; Must Know Info!

If you have a Leopard Gecko, it can be very difficult to tell if he is sick, especially if you`re a new reptile owner. There are however, a few simple signs you need to be aware of, especially in the first 24 months of a geckos life. This is a very vulnerable time in your Leopard Geckos life as he is still quite young and not done growing.

The most obvious sign is that your Gecko stops eating. If you see this, you need to act fast. It is common for a Gecko to go a day or two without eating, but if it has been 4 to 7 days, you need to get him to the vet pronto! If gone untreated, the Gecko`s tail will shrink somewhat and he will look emaciated.

If your normally active Gecko is lazier than usual or he doesn`t move around when you go to pick him up and cares little about you or what you`re doing or his new environment, he is more than likely sick and suffering. You should find a vet schooled in reptiles before you purchase your Gecko as it could be a long drive to a reptile vet, which can get costly.

If you are a first time Gecko owner, you will have to get used to feeding your Gecko because they are insectivores, which means their primary diet is bugs. A reputable Gecko breeder will have many bugs and insects that you may be able to purchase.

For an extra special treat, especially for a gravid (pregnant) female Gecko, you can feed a Pinkie Mouse that is just a few days old. You should also offer Waxworms as a treat only, they are very fattening and addicting!  as per

You will feed your Gecko according to his size as babies need more food than adults. You need to feed babies everyday and feed adults every other day. Overfeeding can be harmful so give him a little bit and then take the leftover bugs out. The size and appetite of your Gecko will determine how long the feeding will last.

Every Gecko is different so get rid of the bugs once the Gecko has ignored them, after a few minutes pass. While adults can have up to 9 Crickets per meal, babies only need a couple Crickets daily. Make sure you gut-load the insect for a few days,  before feeding your lizard. Veggies from the fridge will feed the insects just fine, just make sure you dust the insects in Vitamin Powder before giving to your Gecko.

Most illnesses that affect Geckos are brought on by impaction, stress, malnutrition or parasites. Make sure the Gecko`s enclosure is at the right temperature, is not being stressed out by other animals and is not eating the substrate. For more info, you can visit:

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  1. Shelly says:

    I just found out that my gecko needs uvb bulb I have had him frfom some time now and I thought he was starting to get sick but didn’t know from what. Can I bring him back to health if I purchase the bulb or is he going to die? How long can they go without it? and can I revive him?

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