Get Your Cat`s Natural Food From Freshpets.Com; “Because Fresh Food Is Good Food”; For Dogs Too!

If you want to feed your cat an all-natural diet, check out: On their website they state, “Freshpet is food. Real food, from fresh, whole ingredients that are never processed, frozen or modified in any way.”  They use only ” high-quality meat and poultry, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, and fiber-rich grains.”

They offer many different foods as there are many different dietary needs, for example, There`s Freshpet Select, for cats and dogs, made with “high-protein meats and eggs, vitamin-rich vegetables and wholesome grains.” It is great for senior pets and finicky eaters.

There is Vital, which was inspired by ancestral wolf diets as it replicates “dogs` natural carnivorous diet with the benefits of leading-edge nutrition.” It is grain-free, antioxidant-rich and has 80% or more fresh poultry, fish or meat.

They offer Deli Fresh, for superior digestibility as it promotes digestive health. It is superb for active and/or working dogs or dogs with gastrointestinal problems. It promotes coat, skin, eye and brain health and provides Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids as well as prebiotics.

Their Veterinary Nutrition is “Specially fortified foods to support health and healing in recovering dogs and cats. Available only through veterinarians.” It contains: amino acids, for tissue repair and regeneration, optimal Omega 6:3 ratio, to reduce inflammation and prebiotics, for gastrointestinal health.

For some super healthy treats, they offer Dog Joy, made with 100% natural slow-grilled chicken and beef. It contains NO wheat, soy or corn. Another great treat is Dognation, which helps metabolize nutrients and release energy. If has NO soy, wheat or corn and is available in pet specialty shops.

In North Carolina, there are some 50 locations to get your Freshpet food, so go find the closest store near you! On their blog page, they have a guide and questions to answer, if you are interested in making your dog a therapy dog. Not all dogs are cut out for this type of work, so if you think your dog could be, go check out this great guide! Freshpet is offered at most Walmart stores, so give them a look-see at:

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