Pros and Cons of Getting an Exotic Pet

exotica 200x300 Pros and Cons of Getting an Exotic PetExotic pets are rare or highly unusual animals that are kept as pets. The definition of an Exotic Pet is quite hard to pinpoint, but animals that are not commonly kept as pets are usually considered exotic. These pets can be diverse species of reptiles, amphibians or even rodents. Many people find the idea of owning an exotic pet as interesting and exciting and adopt these pets for many different reasons. But what are the pros and cons of keeping an exotic animal as a pet?

The Pros

One of the main driving forces behind the keeping of exotic pets is the idea that the baby animals are cute and incredibly delightful. Exotic pets are very unique. Sometimes keeping common pets can be boring. Some people like to be different and want something more challenging and exceptional. Also, with an exotic pet, there is little to no risk of being allergic to your pet.


Buying an exotic pet is often cheaper than buying a pet that is admired and has a pedigree. After preliminary investment of equipment, exotic pets are inexpensive to feed and require little to no veterinary. They also don’t need grooming or walking.

exotic 300x197 Pros and Cons of Getting an Exotic PetSmaller space requirement

Sometimes, common pets like dogs and cats cannot be kept because of lack of space. Keeping an exotic pet doesn’t require a large space or yard. They are usually kept in special contained habitats or aquariums.

The Cons

There are sufficient disadvantages of owning exotic animals as pets. Firstly, exotic pets are prone to diseases and parasites that are transferable to humans. These diseases can be dangerous or even fatal to human beings. If the pet is sick or injured, it can be difficult to find a Vet that can provide care for it. It is very important that you know the health risks that an exotic pet can pose against you.

Potential harm

Exotic pets have not been bred to be tamed thus, they are essentially wild. Some may seem harmless, but this is particularly true only when the animals are at a young age. There are some exotic pets that are dangerous, aggressive and at times even lethal. Also, undomesticated pets are prone to biting children and adults irrespective of their time spent in confinement.

exoticb 200x300 Pros and Cons of Getting an Exotic PetDifficulty in handling

Most exotic pets can be difficult to handle. Their wild instinct cannot be completely eradicated. Some have very specific needs in terms of housing and temperature. Also handling their dietary, physical and psychological requirements of may not be easy. Keeping these pets without understanding their needs can harm them. Also, your friends may initially be frightened of your exotic pet.

The laws and Legalities

Of course, different states have different laws that govern the domestic care of exotic pets. Some pets may not be considered legal in your area. Also depending on what kind of exotic pet you want, it may be difficult to find a reputable seller. Prior to purchasing, be sure that you are adequately informed about the laws.

If you are determined to have an exotic animal as a pet, weigh the pros and cons and ensure that you are adequately prepared to handle the care of the animal.

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