Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder

New, improved design features dual-use ports you can easily adjust for feeding either mixed or thistle seed. Remove perches to allow cling feeders like nuthatches and woodpeckers to feed. Three separate tubes let you target different species with their favorite diet, and 12 perches ensure plenty of room.

Combination weather guard/baffle keeps squirrels from getting a grip – they slide right off. Plus, heavy-duty acrylic/metal construction is virtually indestructible. Built-in funnel prevents spills when filling. Holds 6 quarts or 10 lbs. of seed. Copper finish. Weather guard baffle: 16" diameter; seed tray: 10-1/2" diameter; feeder: 23-1/2" high.

Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder Cleaning Instructions
To clean, remove baffle lid by twisting off. Empty out dried-on seed and debris. Wash the seed tubes and base pan using warm, soapy water. (Use a mild liquid soap, no harsh detergents or bleaches.) If necessary, use a small bottle brush to tackle any stuck-on messes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow feeder to dry completely before refilling.

Source: Foster & Smith, Inc.

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