Deluxe Fruit & Jelly Feeder

Feed orioles year after year with a virtually indestructible feeder. Eco-friendly, recycled plastic composite construction features covered platform with two, 4 oz. easy-fill, dishwasher-safe plastic dishes for jelly or preserves, and outer spikes allow you to offer fresh fruit. All parts are weather-resistant and preassembled feeder includes hanging cable. 16" x 5" x 8" high.

Feeder Care: Change the fruit every few days, whether eaten or not because it can spoil quickly, causing birds to stop feeding. To clean, remove all fruit and jelly from the feeder. Empty out dried-on debris and wash using warm, soapy water. (Use a mild liquid soap, no harsh detergents or bleaches.) If necessary, use a small bottle brush to reach all sections of the feeder or to tackle any stuck-on messes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow feeder to dry completely before replacing fruit and jelly.

Source: Foster & Smith, Inc.

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