Underwater Bubble River

bubble river Underwater Bubble River

Create a dramatic, river-like display while adding water movement and oxygen. Bubbles flow under a clear acrylic river housing along your aquarium floor. Then, they climb the back wall of aquarium.

The included poly resin bridge ornament adds a decorative touch and provides the illusion that the underwater river is flowing beneath it. Includes everything you need for setup, except for air pump. You supply an air pump of your choice.

Underwater River is easy to install. For greater bubble effect, or for wider aquariums, you can install two units together using the same air pump with the included t-fittings.

Easy to Install

  1. Place and secure the clear acrylic river housing to the bottom of the aquarium using the included suction cups.
  2. Connect the airline to one end of the bubble bar.
  3. Connect the check valve and air pump (air pump not included).

Installation Option

You can even install two units in the aquarium because each unit includes a t-fitting that allows you to connect the air tubing to each of the two units and join them into a single tube that connects to the air pump.

Source: Foster & Smith, Inc.

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