Select Series Cabana Bird Cage

Quality birdcage loaded with features – at an amazing price! This cage's unique spring-loaded door latch has a push button release – no more fumbling. Door opens and closes with a single finger. Quality all-metal construction, solid welds, and textured powder-coated finish cleans easily. Side panels are designed with fewer seams where food and debris can get trapped. Features litter trays with chrome cabinet-style pull, removable seed guard, 2 feeding doors, and rolling casters. 3/4" bar spacing.

Assembly Instructions

Step 1:

Put the 2 Side Frames into Front and Back Panels and secure with Steel Nuts and Bolts.

Step 2:

  1. Slide 2 Wire Side Panels into the 2 Side Frames.
  2. Attach 4 Rolling Casters into each of the legs.

Step 3:

  1. Fit the Wire Roof Section into the 4 holes in the 2 Side Panels and secure with Steel Nuts and Bolts.
  2. Assemble the 2 halves of the metal "U-shaped" bar and secure using Steel Nuts and Bolts. Assemble the Perch Support Bar to the metal "U-shaped" bar using the Steel Nuts and Bolts.
  3. Attach the "U-shaped" bar onto the Roof Section.
  4. Position Seed Guard into place.

Step 4:

  1. Slide Wire Grill and Metal Sliding Trays into place.
  2. Put Feeders and Perches into position.

Your new aviary is now ready to use.

Cage Care

Plated and Powder-Coated Finishes – Clean with a soft, damp cloth and immediately dry with a soft, dry cloth. Never use abrasive soaps or abrasive cleaning pads. Avoid use of extremely hot water in cleaning.

All epoxy liquid paint, epoxy powder coatings, and all plating finishes used on Prevue cages are laboratory-tested to be "Child Safe and Pet Safe." Lead-based coating materials are never used.

Source: Foster & Smith, Inc.


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