Prevue Hendryx FeatherStone Heights Brownstone Bird Cage

 Prevue Hendryx FeatherStone Heights Brownstone Bird Cage

Move your bird into the full-featured home with the floor plan of his dreams. This delightful wire cage with decorative architectural accents includes a removable floor grill and drawer, two outside access cups, two perches for comfortable seating, large entryway door, and a rooftop access door.

Metal cage is finished in bird-safe enamel. Decorative accents are made of durable, bird-safe plastic.

Easy-clean design and materials means minimum maintenance.

Assembles in minutes.

Ideal for parakeets.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Attach Wire Body Mesh to Base
    First, create a square from the body mesh, and close the wire loops with pliers, using a cloth to protect painted finish. Attach squared body to base unit, by raising the horizontal wire lock on the side of the cage. This will allow the positioning wires to be inserted into the elongated holes in the base. Once the positioning wires are in place on one side, secure by lowering the wire lock. Repeat this for the other side. When complete, the wire body should be secure with the base, fitting into all guide holes, with the locks on the right/left in the locked (down) position.
  2. Attach Wire Roof To Cage Body
    Lay flat wire roof assembly into position on top of the wire cage body. The notched section of the flat roof will be in the front/right section of the cage, with the top door opening upward. Secure roof to body by engaging all of the wire loops between the narrow spaced roof bars. The front and rear latches attach to the second roof wires respectively. Crimp with pliers for maximum security. Please use a cloth when crimping with pliers, to protect painted finish.
  3. Assemble Corner Turret
    Hold the two halves of the turret assembly in your hand, so that the shingles of the roof join in the proper position. Slide the larger brass ring up from the bottom of the assembly, and snap it into place just below the roof line. Then do the same with the smaller ring, snapping it into its groove at the bottom of the assembly. To attach to cage press the pie cut (v shaped) portion of the turret into the top right corner of the cage body, position the plastic hook over the small horizontal guide wire on front panel, and slide down into position. The top hook will naturally latch the second roof wire, and the turret will be straight and secure.
  4. Install Decorative Cornice Top
    Place decorative top cornice into desired position, on the top left of the cage. Cornice will snap and secure into position between wires on the roof.
  5. Attach Feeder Cup Windows
    Attach windows/feeder cup doorss by snapping them into the two wire openings on the front and left side of the cage. When the feeding cups are in place, and the windows are in the closed position, the window create a snug and secure fit for the cup, and be able to slide up/down freely.
  6. Attach Front Door
    Attach front door by inserting the bottom of the door slightly into the cage, at an angle, and resting the two guide wires inside the cage. At this point the door will be resting comfortably in the open position. Close door by raising the drawbridge door unit and hooking the top wires.
  7. Attach Front Stairs to Metal Drawer
    Attach front stairs and railing to holes in steel pull-out drawer using screws provided (taped to stairs).
  8. Insert Grill Flooring, Accessory Windows & Perches
    Slide the wire grill floor into position, so it rests on the grill slide channels in the metal base unit, and the handle is on the right side of the cage. Attach end caps to perches and install. Snap the decorative window frames in desired positions, according to personal taste.

Source: PETCO Animal Supplies

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