Havahart Rabbit Hutch Kit

 Havahart Rabbit Hutch Kit

Our Havahart Rabbit Hutch Kit features a rust-resistant galvanized wire cage with large front access door, plastic dropping pan that rests under wire cage floor and slides out for easy cleaning, sifter feeder with lid, and water bottle.

Includes an easy-to-assemble frame kit that lets you stack up to four Rabbit Hutches.

Provides a comfortable, clean, and sanitary home for your pet rabbit.

Rabbit Cage Set Up

  1. Lay cage flat.
  2. Fold sides and rear panel up. Fasten clips by bending. Bend clip around vertical wires.
  3. Position top panel of cage.
  4. Bend top panel clips around upper wire.
  5. Install door hanger on top panel as required to hold door open. Position hanger to each bottom wire of door.

Rabbit Cage Frame Kit Instructions
Assemble cage before assembling frame kit.

  1. To stack cages, join legs together from each kit using bolt, washer, and nut. This ties units together and helps if they are moved. If not stacking, go to step 2.
  2. Leg should be installed to the second wire from the top and bottom of the cage side.
  3. Slide pan support rails over large tabs on legs. The dropping pan slides under cage on these rails.
  4. Secure frame kit by inserting a bolt and washer from inside the cage, thru the top hole in the leg. Install nut and tighten.

Anonymous Reviewer reviewing this Havahart Rabbit Hutch Kit says: "I think this cage is good over all. Yes, the door opens inwards, but they give you a hook, so that you can hook the door to the top of the cage, so you don't have to hold it open. The metal slats for the littler pan are NOT too small, if you work it just right, you CAN get the litter pan to stay on them without any corners falling off. Yes, they could stand to be a bit bigger, but the pan will stay on once you get the hang of it. These cages are meant to be stacked together. The more of them you have stacked together(no more than 4! I wouldn't do anymore than 3, simply because it would be WAY too tall) the sturdier they become. They all interlock together, and there are bolts that hold them securely in place. I've used these cages for over a year for chinchillas, and they've worked WONDERFULLY! If you know anything about chinchillas, they're much more active than rabbits, and these cages have worked beautifully. The only issue I have is that the pan is a little bit too small, as droppings can fall out of the 1/4 inch gap on both sides and the back. Other than that, they're great cages!"

Source: PETCO Animal Supplies

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