Helping to Stop Puppy Mills

Fort Collins, Colorado–The city may be prohibiting the sell of pets in a upcoming municipal ballot in April 2011.

“The goal of the ban is to disrupt the business of puppy mills and kitten factories that breed large numbers of animals in inhumane conditions,” said Laure Molitor, organizer of a petition drive aimed at amending a city ordinance governing the sale of animals and insects.

“Animal-rights advocates believe taking away the pet-store market is the quickest and most efficient way to target unethical breeders,” Molitor said.

Molitor, 21, said she was motivated to push for a local ban on pet sales by the enactment of similar bans in other cities.

“I just wanted to do something in Fort Collins knowing how much we love our animals and advocate for humane treatment,” she said. “I want to take that one step further.”

“Petitioners have to collect 2,517 signatures of registered city voters to move the proposal forward,” said Rita Harris, chief deputy city clerk. “The deadline for submitting the petitions is Jan. 28, 2011.”

Written by J. Lauren Benton
Source courtesy of www.coloradoan.coma Helping to Stop Puppy Mills

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