Yoga Pose Saves NC Woman From Bear

Have you ever thought a yoga pose would save you from a horrific bear attack? Well, that is exactly what happened to a North Carolina woman recently. She claims a Bikrim Yoga pose saved her life.

The National Park Service provides advice online about what to do in case of encountering a bear. Striking a yoga pose is not mentioned.

Bikram yoga is practiced in 90-minute sessions at studios heated to 104 degrees or so and pumped full of humidity to imitate the steamy climate of India. Each student is supposed to place a handy-dandy towel atop his mat to help soak up the buckets of sweat that result.

The mother of five was out for a jog in the woods when she came face to face with an angry momma bear.

She first threw her cell phone at the bear. When that didn’t work, she went through a list of safety advice she had heard throughout the years, remembering that running is always a bad idea.

“Bears can run over 30 miles per hour or 44 feet per second, faster than Olympic sprinters,” the NPS advises on the Yellowstone National Park website.

The only thing she had left to do was climb a tree and hope for the best. She immediately climbed onto a limb out of reach of the bear, which was about four inches around, and folded her arms and legs around the tree trunk into a twisty pose called the “Eagle” or Garurasana in Sanskrit.

Maybe it should renamed the “Hanging onto a Tree To Avoid an Angry Mama Bear Pose.”

The bear rammed the tree over and over until her arms were bleeding; finally the momma bear gave up and turned around.

Yoga saved her from Yogi.

Written by J. Lauren Bentonbear Yoga Pose Saves NC Woman From Bear

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