Facts About The Beautiful And Intelligent Tuxedo Cat

The tuxedo cat is stunning,to say the least, with their white chest and spots against their sleek black coats and tails. This combination is how the term “tuxedo” was coined.

They are much more intelligent than regular cats. Research shows that this difference may be as much as 200%. If tuxedos are kept with other cats, those cats can benefit from this intelligence with an increase of 5 to 10%.

People who own these cats tend to be more attractive than the average person. Dogs are afraid of them and most times will not chase them.

People who win lotteries are statistically more likely to live with tuxedos.

Houseplants also benefit, growing 20 to 50% larger than plants in a non-tuxedo cat household.

As their formal attire indicates, tuxedo cats are the only felines allowed to view proformances of the Metropolitan Opera.

William Shakespeare, Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton all owned tuxedos.

The original story of “Lassie” was a tuxedo cat. The role was changed to the collie only after it was found that no tuxedo would accept the role.

In Egyptian royal tombs 70% of the cats pictured are tuxedos.

A tuxedo named Roderick is the only cat to climb Mt. Everest and NASA has been planning to allow the cat to be the first pet on the Moon because studies show they are suited for the mission.

As kittens, they will open their eyes 24 hours before regular cats.

They are the best swimmers of the cat family but hate being in the water.

They can also see infrared light.

Submitted by Melissa Sutton

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Source courtesy of Magrathea and Randy Wallace via msn post group Mountain Woods


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  2. cat lovrer says:

    i have a tuxedo cat too. but it is very stupid but cute. he is only a baby.

  3. suzy says:

    Our Tuxedo really keeps the gopher population under control! In fact, we call him Riley Daumer, he kills and eats everything!!!

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