Baking treats for your dog without sugar substitutes

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener that is used as a sugar substitute that is safe for diabetics to use without increasing insulin levels. This sugar substitute can be found in many different types of candies’ sugarless baked goods, chewable vitamins and sugarless gum such as trident.

Although this substitute may not be harmful to humans it is quite toxic to dogs and if ingested without treatment will result in death within 24 hours. Within 15-30 of a 65 pound dog ingesting a small amount such as 100 grams which would be the equivalent to 5 pieces of gum. Low blood sugar can become present and the dog will become lethargic, depressed, collapse, liver damage, seizures and permanent brain damage may also result from the ingestion.

Should you have any of these types of products in your home be very careful and keep them in a safe place. If your dogs are anything like mine they will sniff out your hiding spots and know where you keep all the goodies. What may be perfectly acceptable for us to consume can be deadly for your pet. Read the ingredients before sharing with your furry friend.

Cinnamon twist sticks:

1 cup of flour (you can use half whole wheat )
1 cup of cornmeal
1 cup of oatmeal ( use rolled oats )
1 egg
1 ½ c water
1 tsp. honey

Directions: Oven 350 degrees

In a large bowl add flour, cornmeal, 1 tsp. Cinnamon, egg, honey and water. Add the water a little at a time as you do not want the dough too sticky. Once you have combined all these ingredients add the oatmeal. You can either roll these out and cut in long strips or make them shaped like biscuits. I like to roll them into stick shapes. Put them on a non greased baking sheet then sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon. Bake for approximately 15 – 20 minutes turning off the stove letting them stay in the oven to cool off. The idea is to let them harden in the stove as the hard crunchy biscuit acts as teeth cleaner.

Tip: Make your own flea repellent by cutting lemons in quarters and adding them to a pot of water, bring to a boil. Allow to cool, then pour liquid into a spray bottle. Spray your dogs head watching out not to spray them in the eyes, back, chest, legs, armpits, and the underbelly.

Image source Used with permission.

Xylitocrystals 300x214 Baking treats for your dog without sugar substitutes

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