Our Authors :

Arnak Ivanov

Arnak Ivanov Reporters

My name is Arnak Ivanov and I am the publisher of Petanim began as a hobby for me five years ago. I wrote and posted articles myself when I found some interesting products or stories about pets online. Recently I started to grow the project by hiring more professional news reporters, who cover stories from information about pets to recent pet world news. I love animals, had dogs, cats and currently have a very beautiful fish.


Melissa Sutton

melissa1 150x150 Reporters

My name is Melissa Sutton. I love to write but have only done it personally since I was very young. I love all animals and have several pets. Two horses, Thunder and Bonnie, three dogs, Booger, Lacy and Bell, two inside cats, Camo and Miracle and four outside cats, Tabby, Quiet,Speedy and Wild Tang.

Candace Gregory

candace Reporters

I am Candace Gregory, I live in beautiful PEI Canada. After graduating as an Information Systems Administrator I fell in love with Huskies and now I breed and raise 4 Siberian Huskies. I love animals and their health, I also bake all their healthy biscuits. I love to write and share what I have written with others. I also enjoy gardening and baking.


Mary Helen Yarborough

Mary Helen Yarborough Reporters
My name is Mary Helen Yarborough; I’m a career journalist, writer and author, specialized in topics ranging from energy development and homeland security to labor, health care and medical research. I’ve graduated the University of South Carolina. and worked as an editor and correspondent with a penchant for research and science. Having covered Capitol Hill and Congress, I have also earned awards as an investigative reporter and features writer. I’m a lover of all things great and small, and a lifelong animal caregiver, currently enjoying the companionship of two cats, Alex and Garfunkel; and dog, Millie.

Odur Joe

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My name is Odur Joe. I studied Computer Science but I have decided to do what I love the most –Writing! I have been writing since 2008. I write on a variety of topics like health, politics, Internet business, relationships and of course pets. By the way, I love dogs so much!


Jennifer Lauren Benton

jenniferlauren Reporters

My name is Jennifer Lauren Benton. I love reading, writing, and of course animals. I graduated from Pfeiffer University in 2009 with a B.A. in English and Journalism. It is fabulous that I get to implement two of my favorite things into my work. I have two dogs, Chunk and Sugar, and three cats, Tiggy, Peaches, and Onyx. Chunk is a yellow Labrador/Chow mix and Sugar is a Pit Bull/Pug mix (don’t ask). My cats are all different as well. Of course Onyx is black, Tiggy is a smoky tabby, and Peaches is my Siamese with the ice-blue eyes.